An Intro: Writer of lists, Princess of Procrastination, Lover of UKYA (Apr 2014)

So I am a fan of lists. I enjoy writing them. To-do lists are probably my favourite. There’s something very calming about seeing a task broken down into achievable little chunks- just like a whole tray of brownie makes you think “I could never eat all of that”, cut it into bitesize pieces and before you know it, there’s none left for anyone else. The only hitch is that while I am great at demolishing baked treats, I am not so good at actually completing any of the targets I set myself. So yeah, great at lists, better at excuses. I am a Princess of Procrastination.

And this is why “Start a blog” has been featured on *many* lists over the last few years. I’m often asked if I have a blog… I dunno why. Maybe it’s because I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. I don’t really have that filter that most people do. I have a habit of saying what I think, even if it is inappropriate. But I’m not mean. If I love something, I will fangirl to an embarrassing degree as friends can testify. If I’m not fussed, well, I’ll at least try and find something redeeming…

Anyhoo, I’ve always had an excuse not to start a blog. My website isn’t finished yet. I really need to focus on the redraft of my novel. I’ve just worked a 50 hour week. But no more! Welcome to my temporary blog ‘Parallel Lines’ (temporary until I switch over to that pesky still under construction website).

But what’s it all about? UKYA, that’s what! For those who don’t know, UKYA is fiction written for Young Adults by authors who were born or currently reside in, yeah you guessed it, the United Kingdom. It’s what I read and it’s what I write and it’s what I spend most of my time thinking and talking about. I just freaking love everything about it. The people who write it are amongst some of my favourite people on this planet; the characters and worlds they create stay with you forever. It’s not just for teenagers. I turn 30 this year. Just saying.

Some other stuff might crop up on this blog occasionally. I also like coffee, doughnuts, tattoos and sloths (I reeeeally like sloths), so you know, there might be the occasional mention of those things. Or not. Let’s just see how we go.

So introductions over and done with, I hope you enjoy my blog posts. I have tonnes planned. There’s lots going on in UKYA this year, a lot of it orchestrated by the amazing @LucyTheReader over at Queen of Contemporary ( She is the driving force of @ProjectUKYA¬† ( Seriously, this girl rocks my freaking world. Her regular #ukyachat on Twitter has become totally unmissable for hundreds of writers, bloggers and UKYA fans.

Lucy has set me my first challenge: read only UKYA throughout April. Now that doesn’t sound like a challenge since it’s pretty much *all* I read. But my challenge is to read as many UKYA from my To Be Read pile as I can in 30 days. To give you some idea, I usually read two books a month. In April, I’m aiming to read eight. EIGHT! And I’ll be taking part in reading sprints on Twitter over Easter weekend as well as reviewing them all just for you.

All this and I’m still working on “the novel”…

Sleep is over-rated. Lists are not…

Much love,

Blondie xxx


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